How to Get Speaking Engagements from Your Blog

How to Get Speaking Engagements from Your Blog

How does one get speaking engagements during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Conferences have been canceled and some of us who have relied on getting physical speaking engagements are feeling it right now.

Your speaking does not have to stop being physical, it can turn virtual! There are so many ways to speak online right now, perhaps you haven't seen them! And right now, it's the best time to start building your media platform, like a blog, and getting ready for both virtual and in-person speaking coordinators to see your expertise and knowledge now!

It's the perfect time to turn your speech into multiple assets of marketing materials so when this is all over (it will be all over very soon, my friends!), you'll be ready, your speaking calendar will be getting filled, and land even more clients!

Inside of the free training, How to Get Speaking Engagements from Your Blog, where it is going to teach you the following:

  • Why and where you should be speaking at (this includes a list of both online and offline platforms to start getting connected with)
  • What you need to have in your business to get speaking engagements (so when speaking coordinators reach out, you'll be prepared and ready instead of scrambling)
  • Show your authority and expertise by repurposing your already formed speech into multiple blog posts 
  • How to turn your speech into multiple uses of content, from blog posts to podcast interviews, from videos to social media posts so people can easily identify what you do and how you can best serve them
  • The secret to pitching to speaking coordinators that feel good to you (and them) 
  •  So much more juicy content

How to Get Speaking Engagements from Your Blog is going to teach you the exact method of turning your speeches into attracting speaking coordinators with resources and actionable steps that won't take hours! And the best part of it is that the training is less than 40 minutes long.

Monica understands you're busy and she wanted you to have a quick win in under an hour so you can begin taking immediate action and get your content and speaking in order now so you'll reap the benefits later!

As a bonus, you'll be invited to get on a free call with my dear friend, Monica, to see how you can start creating content that attracts both speaking coordinators and clients to your digital doorstep.

During the call, Monica will listen to your specific needs and how you can best turn your awesome speech into multiple forms of content to get more exposure, visibility, and leads without adding hours of time into your day.

Who is Monica Miller?

Monica Miller helps female entrepreneurs get more eyeballs onto their businesses through the power of content, blogging, and marketing strategies. She's an author, Intentional speaker and writer, and mom to a crazy toddler.

Monica started out with a blog just to have a blog. But then she realized what she had was a GOLDMINE of marketing materials, programs, packages, social media content, newsletter content, and so much more!

It’s when she began to implement a few repurposing strategies to her own business is when she discovered that she can easily increase her visibility and reach 10x or more just by reusing her content from her blog.

From then, she began to use that content into her own speeches, books, and more, to curate attention and speaking opportunities. Now she wants to teach you what she has learned so that you can get onto more stages, whether virtually or physically, to make an impact and create waves for yourself and clients.

And now she’s honored to teach you her exact steps to getting more eyeballs onto your business and book at the same time for FREE! 

Marketing is the heart—beat of your business and it doesn’t have to be hard, awkward or time-consuming at all.

So go ahead and get into the training for free and then take advantage of her free 60-minute consultation call afterward to start implementing a strategy to get in front of speaking coordinators and speaking on more stages.

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