Get Client$ Now Bootcamp

Get Client$ Now Bootcamp

What if, in one month, you got two more clients?

Or make an additional $3,000+?

What would that be like?

And what if you did this without picking up the phone?

You're probably wondering if I am slightly crazy. I would have you know that I am not crazy because I have tried the things I am teaching you in my own business and they have worked.

What if you made more revenue in the next 30 days? 

Imagine having more calls on your calendar than what you had last month?

And all of this took you less than an hour a week to accomplish!

Get More Client$ Bootcamp is a 4-week training which is a mixture of content and trainings where once a week, you'll get access to your weekly assignment that can be done in an hour or less a week.

Not only that, but you'll receive a one-hour group coaching call for the week of June where you'll be coached and trained on each assignment to make sure your marketing message is on point and your content is making the impact you desire.

The first assignment comes available on June 1 and the group coaching calls starts Wednesday, June 3.

I will warn you though: You have to be committed to the program for it to work.

One of the weeks (week 1 to be exact), I know you're going to buckle. But you can't.

The reason being is because we have to get out of being "reasonable" and getting to be "unreasonable" and do things that may seem hard, but it won't take long. It's just all in our heads ;)

Participants who went through Get Client$ Now Bootcamp saw their revenue increase in the following ways:

  • Landed a new client at $2400
  • Gained a $350 participant in her 5-day intensive
  • Opportunity to speak virtually with a group of realtors
  • Made $1500 and gained two new clients

That's a collective total of over $4,000 in revenue made in ONE month!

Get Client$ Now is perfect for coaches, consultants, trainers, and speaker who are:

  • Selling coaching packages, group programs, online courses and trainings
  • Desiring to increase your bottom line and revenue month after month 
  • Work with more high-level clients to serve the world more
  • Passionate about impacting others in their lives during this time
  • Are wanting to live their best lives during this time 
  • Creating more beauty in this world and they know selling their packages will increase the domonio effect faster

If you're ready to get more clients, make more money, and gain REAL traction in your business in the next 30 days, then join Get Client$ Now Bootcamp with 4-weeks of training and coaching.

But you have to do the work or you won't see the results.

Are you game? Let's play by enrolling today!

"Monica has lots of great ideas on how to get yourself in front of customers and make offers. Her enthusiasm is contagious." ~Sam Taggart, LabVIEW Champion & DQMH Trusted Advisor

"Monica was instrumental in helping me to break through mental barriers keeping me from blogging. She was extremely creative and showed me how to think outside the box to come up with fresh, relevant content that was specific to my industry and needs. Thanks Monica!" ~John Krajewski

"Monica is fantastic!  Her professional success and writing experience is apparent in the feedback she provided me.  I learned how to add stories to my technical material to make it more readable.  Monica provided tips on monetizing my business through my website and social media and additional writing. I’m so excited to see where this will take my business next as I KNOW that the valuable lessons I learned are already helping my business grow and will continue to impact my business far into the future." ~Linda Akey, Competent Assistance for Nonprofits

"I feel like I got way more than I paid for with this course and I enthusiastically recommend it! Monica knows her stuff and goes a step above that by making her method easy to understand and refer back to even for someone, like me, who has very little experience in this area. Great work, Monica!" ~Holly Davis, Graphic Designer

"Monica has a knack for getting inside your head and helping to bring content to life. She is genuine and down to earth. She put me at ease and made me feel that no question was too silly. Monica's expertise is a MUST HAVE for any aspiring entrepreneur that wants to make an impact!"  Deborah Kay Bennett, Educator 

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