How to Start a Profitable Blog & Repurpose It for Maximum Visibility

How to Start a Profitable Blog & Repurpose It for Maximum Visibility

Have you been considering creating a blog for you and your business?

You know a blog gives Search Engined Optimization juice that creates sizzle with Google so more people come to your website and learn more about your business.

You know you can monetize your blog and have another set of income. After what just happened during COVID, you can support you, your business, and your family.

You also know having a blog can provide you with marketing content as well as new programs to market and sell.

But you're stuck in how to get started, how do I fit a blog into my schedule?

How do I come up with content?

How do I get more eyeballs onto my business with a blog?

It's time that you learn how to start a profitable blog the RIGHT way!

If you're ready to get more eyes onto your business and making more money with your words, then Start a Profitable Blog and Repurpose it for Maximum Visibility is the right workshop to attend!

Inside the workshop, you'll learn:

    • How to develop consistent content that your audience wants to hear

    • Talk to higher-paying clients through your blog

    • Understand how to use social media to fuel your traffic and get engagement to turn readers into clients

    • Know the 3 ways to speak to your audience for faster and quicker engagement! 

    • How to repurpose your content so that you get more eyes, visibility and reach with one blog post for years to come 

    • Make money and bring in more profits now than ever before

    • Every blog post will be leading back to working with you

In no time, you'll understand the basic principals of creating and maintaining a blog that fits into your work week and gaining traction from it.

You are BONUSED with a workbook that will walk you step-by-step so that you can take what you learn and apply it immediately to creating more content for your blog, planning out your social media posts, and so much more! This workbook is easily a $47 value and you get it for free! 

With the combination of the workshop + workbook, you'll gain the knowledge on how to convert more readers into paying clients and how to be more visible and show up to your audience by being the expert in your field.

Think about it; you'll finally have more:

  • Peace of mind knowing that money is always coming into your bank account

  • You can finally relax and enjoy your life rather than feeling this need to always be hustling

  • Freedom to do more of what you love: whether that is traveling, going on more vacations, or being with your family

  • With more clients and money coming into your business, you'll know how to handle each season in your business with ease and confidence

  • You can finally have your online programs being booked out and additional revenue in the bank.

Be ready to receive more money, freedom, and time so that not even a pandemic can touch your bank account or even your clients!

What Others Are Saying...

"I was nervous to blog because I wanted to make sure to deliver a heartfelt message and haven't had the confidence to write it down & share. After mapping out my content with Monica's guidance, I feel WAY more comfortable doing videos and as a result, have been able to reach hundreds of more people with the message of better health through eating and growing more organic whole foods. I would HIGHLY recommend that you explore Monica's options to expand your business! It's opened up a whole new market for me and is helping me to serve & stay in alignment w/ our company's mission of  'Inspire Healthy Living Around the World.'   ~ Lauri Aigner, Juice Plus/ Tower Garden 

"Monica has a knack for getting inside your head and helping to bring content to life. She is genuine and down to earth. She put me at ease and made me feel that no question was too silly. Before I started blogging, I felt stuck. Monica's no-nonsense approach and detailed blogging steps led me on a path to bringing my voice forward. I have the confidence to plan my calendar and roll blog posts out. Monica's expertise is a MUST HAVE for any aspiring entrepreneur that wants to make an impact through blogging!"   ~Deborah Kay Bennett, Teacher, and Educator

"Monica is well-organized, and shares some great strategies for content creation and exposure. If you're looking for guidance on how to write, organize your thoughts and efforts, and inspiration to get you going, start here."  ~David Liedle,

"I really enjoyed the training and am working to use your model.  I got my calendar all set up. I felt in control of my messages.  It felt easier and more flowing and authentic to engage with my audience."   ~Amanda Gregg, Embodiment Speaker & Movement Coach

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How to Start a Profitable Blog & Repurpose It for Maximum Visibility

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